2017-2018 School Calendar Survey

2017-2018 School Calendar Survey
Posted on 01/11/2017
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Brazosport ISD is working on the 2017-2018 School Calendar and seeks input from our parents and community. Please vote for your preferred calendar at the bottom of this page. Below is a summary outlining the differences in Calendar A and B.  The calendars will be available for voting through January 27, 2017.

Calendar Highlights

Calendar A:

  • School Start Date for Students - August 17 (staff returns 8/7)
  • Last Day for Students - May 24
  • Two Day Student Fall Break - October 13 & 16
  • Veteran's Day is a Student Holiday
  • First Semester Ends - December 22
  • One Day April Break - April 20
  • First Semester - 83 Days
  • Second Semester - 89 Days

Calendar B:

  • School Start Date for Students - August 16 (staff returns 8/4)
  • Last Day for Students - May 25
  • Five Day Fall Break - October 16-20
  • First Semester Ends - December 21
  • First Semester - 81 Days
  • Second Semester - 91 Days

BOTH Calendars:

  • Teachers begin one week earlier than the students
  • Labor Day is a Holiday
  • Five Day Thanksgiving Break - November 20-24
  • First Day of Spring Semester - Jan 9
  • Martin Luther King Day is a student holiday
  • President's Day is a Staff Development Day/No school for students
  • Spring Break - March 12-16
  • March 30 is a Holiday

2017-2018 Calendar Options

 Calendar A        
Calendar B
Calendar A

Calendar B

Click on the calendar images to see the complete PDF document for each calendar draft.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the process the District uses to determine the instructional calendar?

    A calendar committee consisting of campus teacher and administrator representatives develops several draft instructional calendars based on staff, parent, and community priorities. Two instructional calendars are selected that best provide choices related to those priorities. The two selections are widely distributed for public review. Campus staff, parents, and community members are provided the opportunity to individually submit votes for their preferred calendar. The calendar committee reviews the data to determine a recommended instructional calendar that is then presented to the District Educational Improvement Committee (DEIC). The DEIC is made up of campus, community, and business representatives from the Brazosport area. This committee provides further input that the calendar committee uses to finalize decisions related to the recommended instructional calendar. The recommended instructional calendar is then presented to the school board. The school board members receive the recommendation and consider approval.

  2. How many instructional school days are required?

    Texas Education Code requires districts provide at least 75,600 minutes of instruction, therefore the number of days in a school calendar is dependent on the length of the school day. The length of the school day in BISD is 450 minutes. To provide early release on the final day of each semester and to avoid minutes having to be added to the school year in the event of a weather-related school closure, BISD requires 172 instructional school days.

  3. How many days are teachers required to be in attendance?

    Texas Education Code requires that teachers employed under a 10 month contract provide a minimum of 187 days of service. BISD teachers are issued 187-day contracts and the instructional calendar reflects the designated days that teachers are expected to be in attendance.

  4. How is the first day of instruction determined?

    Texas Education Code restricts a school district from beginning instruction for students for a school year before the fourth Monday in August. However, Texas Education Code also provides districts with access to flexibilities through the adoption of a Local Innovation Plan that includes exemptions to most of the same state laws that are not applicable to open enrollment charter schools, including uniform school start date. BISD is in the process of developing a Local Innovation Plan that includes this exemption for the purpose of better meeting the local needs of our students and priorities of our community. Local feedback has indicated a priority in completing the school year prior to Memorial Day, which is not possible if school does not begin until August 28, the fourth Monday of this school year. Local feedback has also indicated a preference in starting school midweek, rather than on a Monday. Campus staff have also communicated how important it is to end the semester in alignment with the community college for students taking dual credit, and to better balance the number of days within each semester. The proposed instructional calendars are developed with this information in mind.

  5. When will the final decision on the instructional calendar be made?

    The recommended instructional calendar will be presented to the school board at their February meeting. Should the school board approve the instructional calendar at that time, the decision will be considered final, pending approval of the Local Innovation Plan. The school board will consider approval of the Local Innovation Plan at their May board meeting. If not approved, the instructional calendar will be adjusted at that time.
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